Fall Frenzy Tournament!! 
Men’s and Men’s 40+ Softoball Tournament.  Also Co-Ed Divisions offered:

  • Fee is: $225 + $25 ASA (unless already sanctioned for 2013)
  • Awards: Gift Cards
  • Games played at Freestone Park in Gilbert
  • Register by Sept. 19


2013 Fall FrenzyTournament Rules:
  • Tournament Prizes awarded First through Fourth Place will be awarded  prizes. Men’s/Men’s 40+/Co-Ed.
  • AMEX gift cards (cash gift card amount determined by number of teams in each division).
  • Payment can be made by credit card, cash, cashiers check or money order for the Tournament Tournament Fee: $225 plus $25 ASA Sanction fee (unless already sanctioned for 2013).
  • A) A special emphasis will be placed on sportsmanship for this tournament. Abusive behavior or language will not be tolerated by players or team spectators and warnings are not guaranteed to be given. Teams are responsible for their fans behavior. Ejected players will be given suspensions up to removal from the tournament. No metal cleats allowed in any division.
  • B) Any team verified to be playing with illegal non-rostered players can be forfeited at any time due to protest or a roster check by Tournament Officials – all players may be required to check in with tournament
  • staff prior to play. Changes to existing rosters will be allowed only with the approval of the tournament director(s). This tournament is scheduled to be held entirely on Saturday, September 21 beginning at 8am. Tournament divisions and game times may overlap between Men’s and Co-Ed. Typically, the division with the largest amount of teams will begin at 8am and the smaller division will start their games later in the morning or early afternoon.
  • C) All batters will begin with a 1 and 1 count (one to waste) so we can remain on schedule. Run rule: 20 after 3 innings, 12 after 5 innings. Pitching up to 3 feet behind pitching rubber will be allowed. Courtesy runners will be allowed. One male and one female courtesy runner will be allowed per inning, last out or non player only. A double elimination format will be utilized and a play in game will be added if time allows.
  • Men’s Division -Three home runs per team per game allowed. All home runs hit over this limit will be considered an OUT. No ejection due to home run. Outs are not considered inning ending unless they are the third out. Co-Ed Division – Two home runs per team per game allowed. All home runs hit over this limit will be considered an OUT. No ejection due to home run. Outs are not considered inning ending unless they are the third out.
  • E) There is a 55 minute or seven inning limit to all games (including Championship), which includes any time lost due to injury or other factors. No new inning will start after 50 minutes. A coin flip will determine home team. Home team is the official scorekeeper. In the event of a tie, a runner (last out) will be placed at second base and the game will continue with 2 outs for an additional inning(s) or until tie is broken. No courtesy runners in extra inning.
  • F) The Tournament Director and on-site Supervisors have complete authority to spot runs if deemed necessary and to make any changes in the tournament schedule or format as needed at any time.
  • G) There will be no game protests. All problems will be resolved at the time they occur (before the next pitch) by the Tournament Director or on-site Supervisors, Umpires, or Umpires-in-Chief. All decisions will be final. Any additional tournament rules will be covered in the ASA handbook or the Gilbert Parks and Recreation Adult Softball Handbook.
  • I) The 2013 Fall Frenzy Softball Tournament will allow bats legal for both ASA and/or USSSA play. Senior softball bats such as the Worth Launch 510 are not allowed (40+ division only), or any bat that is not sanctioned for ASA and/or USSSA play. Any player or team suspected of utilizing an illegal or altered bat may be ejected from the tournament. If performance of any bat is an issue during a game, teams will be required to remove bat for the duration of the game/tournament at the direction of tournament director


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